At Ecotone, we manufacturer road Noise barrier, highway noise barrier, sound absorbing Noise barrier, noise fence panel of high quality made of polycarbonate, metallic as raw material with various configurations and options to meet specific customer noise level requirement. With our quality product offering, we have a good presence in India and global area like South Africa, Gulf Region and Asia.

Ecotone Systems is Leading Company for Noise barriers manufacturers, Sound barriers Walls, Highway Noise Barriers, Road Noise Barriers, Sound Fence Panel, Mattel noise barrier, Polycarbonate noise barriers. Ecotone, being one of the leading Road Noise Barrier Walls Manufacturer helps you to get the walls developed and prepared at one of the best affordable prices. The noise barriers are absorbent with the one of a kind durable as well as effective mode which provides you with the complete noise reduction mode.

Why it’s the Right Time to Choose Highway Noise Barrier Walls?

Noise from highway or roadways is one of the worst problems of noise pollution across the world. A residential and urban premise faces heavier and unbearable traffic noise on the nearest highways and roads. So, they need full-proof sound barrier walls to protect their local officials from outside noise. These absorptive polycarbonate noise barriers have been very durable and effective.

Why Choose Road Noise Barrier Walls?
Concrete and other reflective materials have been the traditional techniques and have been effective in reflecting highway noise. But it’s time to upgrade to advanced absorptive materials because they are very effective option for noise cancellation.

The problem with brick, concrete or other reflective material is that it bounces the sound waves back in varied directions. On the other side, Mattel noise barrier absorbs the sound waves which come in contact with it and greatly cut outside noise.

In addition, these barriers are very light and are the best solution for weight-sensitive places like bridges where other materials are heavy. The Sound Fence Panel has been very effective in road noise absorption and abatement. It ensures longevity and performance which beats other wall products of its kinds.

Though reflective barriers like concrete have been effective for noise barriers over the years, it’s time for advanced materials in sound barriers which are very effective options for noise absorption. Reflective products like concrete and concrete blocks just bounce sound waves back in different directions. On the other side, advanced sound barriers kill the waves that hit and reduce the overall noise to a great extent.

Why to Choose Highway Noise Barriers?
At some point of time, everyone has seen a freeway noise barrier and suffered heavy highway noise. You may live far away or close to the highways and use a freeway or use it as part of your life. The noise barriers are the common parts of our life. Did you know how these materials work?

Highway Noise Barriers can absorb higher pitched noises. But it cannot control the noise of trucks rumbling closely. Some communities just build these walls higher. People might not hear the noise if trucks are out of sight.

Some of the Road Noise Barriers don’t look much attractive. But it is not a big deal if they can save you from outside noise. Vandals spray paint them too often and builders don’t always focus on the appearance of the wall. But most communities are considering the overall look of exterior walls. It can easily be fixed by adding visual patterns and texturing on the walls. You may plant ivy along the way or add artwork to cover up the walls.

  • Durable and Light in Weight
  • Absorptive
  • Modular Design
  • Moisture Resistant and Non-Corrosive in nature
  • Easy Installation with Easy to Assemble

Selection is made considering the following factors:

  • Aesthetics
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Cost
  • Desires of public