Company Overview

We, Ecotone Systems Pvt. Ltd.  Manufacture Acoustic Enclosures, Compressor Enclosures, Generator Canopy/ Enclosure, Turbine Enclosure, Sound proof Cabin, Industrial Acoustic Enclosure, Sound Proof Chambers, Machine Enclosure, Sound Proof Room, Industrial Noise Reduction, Heavy Machines Enclosures, industrial Noise Control and Combined Noise Enclosures for DG set. and are India’s most reliable manufacturers of Acoustic products for Noise Control, NVH Test Chambers, Acoustic, Architectural, Auditoriums, Theatres, Conference halls, Gymnasium halls, Offices, Banquet halls, Design and Set-up of Recording Studios, Listening rooms, Home Theatres etc.
Ecotone Systems is the largest manufacturers and providers of Acoustic wall and ceiling products that provide Architects and Building owners an extensive range of products to chose from, which suits their aesthetic as well as acoustic requirements. Acoustic Enclosure Manufacturer Being one of the most integrated and comprehensive manufacturers in the field of acoustic enclosures we are providing the customers with the facility of culminating the unwanted noise that can create nothing but will hamper the productivity of work.
Our Acoustic Enclosures comes with the advanced amount of technology and impart you with a lot of benefits that will help you retain the success in such a manner that will make yourself feel comfortable while various kinds of challenges in terms of noise can be combated in a professional manner.

Features of our Acoustic Enclosure

  • The Acoustic panels come with the feature of 16 gauge CRCA / GI steel sheet.
  • Depending on the panel of the application in which the enclosures are applied one is able to absorb the sound at a density of 64 / 96 Kg/m3.
  • Each of our Acoustic Enclosure is designed as per the requirements of the client in a personalised manner. We offer customized solutions in accordance with the ISO 14001 & CPCB norms of the noise pollution.
  • Proper Air Ventilation System is installed in order to avoid any kind of heating that can hamper the performance of the machine.
  • For the purpose of easy maintenance, the panels come with easy vibrations and also offer noise seals as well as have flexibility in the panels.
  • A great site survey with the engineering assistance will impart you including the layout and site visit that will help in determining the acoustical structure and ventilation requirements.
  • Auto CAD facilities will include all kind of piece marked assembly along with the drawings to help you get the best possible results in a unified way.
  • All the Acoustic Enclosures are well fitted with the clamp and rubber gaskets so that there should be no noise that can be circulated.
  • The air flow is also carried out with perfection and the maintenance can be done at ease with profound production.

Kinds of Acoustic Enclosures offered at our platform

  • Compressor Enclosures
  • Generator Canopy / Enclosure
  • Turbine Enclosure
  • Sound Proof Cabin
  • Industrial Acoustic Enclosure
  • Sound Proof Chamber
  • Machine Enclosure
  • Sound Proof Room
  • Industrial Noise Reduction
  • Heavy Machines Enclosures
  • Industrial Noise Control
  • Combined Noise Enclosures for DG set